I started this Website as an efficient means to share photographs and videos with family, friends and the occasional acquaintance.

Efficient, because I presume that it is a better method of aggregation and distribution than burning media to a compact disc or DVD (for mailing or hand delivery), attaching large files to Email messages or passing around flash drives (Did I give/loan/burn you a flash drive?).

Because I am an amateur pursing a hobby that I enjoy, any meager profit that I might unintentionally make will be returned to the hobby for the purchase of gear, to help pay for this Website and the purchase of my own island somewhere in a body of water known to be especially attractive to those that like to visit islands.

All of the items on this Website belong to me, and you must first have my permission to use, duplicate, bend, fold, mutilate or spindle (if you are too young to know what that means, look it up).

When you find errors or omissions (and you will if you are paying attention), please Email me and I will make the correction at my leisure.